Nov 12, 2014

He got into my life like an assassin and stole my love.


I wrote over a month ago... I'm so ashamed.
As I told you in my last post I'm fighting with my depression with bad results.
I got depression pills, they're not kicking in yet, I quit school.. (once again)

Me and Slayer are done.... I JUST HATE THAT GUY!
He was such a child... ugh, even thinking about him gives me nausea.
He seriously started stalking me everywhere. EVERYWHERE!
So I had to delete him in sooo many places. He didn't let me sleep at all.
He kept calling me every - single - night.. -.-''
As you know I LOVE SLEEP so you can imagine how much it pissed me off.
Also when we broke up he started to hang out with my ex bestfriend I told u about.
They started to make fun of me everywhere he could and started threating me and my new boyfriend.
Yes you read right, I do have a new boyfriend, guessed who?
OFC! AleXander The Reaper~

I know what you're thinking "What is wrong with this woman and men?!" - right?
I'm Love-holic, So I can't be alone. Besides, I just want to be happy. Reaper makes me happy.
He treats me with respect and love like  BOY-/GIRLFRIEND should.
I know u keep thinking that I can't keep a man or anything.. I can assure you He is the one to keep.
I MEAN HE EVEN GOT PAST VILLE VALO! and if u know me at all, you know that is a lot!
But who wouldnt want someone like this:

He is tall, guitarist, funny, caring, lovely, nice, treats anyone with respect, gamer, handsome as hell, crafty, silly and everything I've ever wished for.
He loves C.O.B! <3
He has a scorpion tattoo on his left arm.
2 piercings (lip and brow)
He loves chains,spikes, cats, black and huskies like I do.
He is actually playing Assassins creed next to me. <3

I am just stunned by him, we have been together for over a month, living together and he has done nothing that annoyed me. NOTHING! <3 He is just perfect and most of all, with him, I feel happy and I don't see anyone else.

We have lots in common, like we both hate winter, he lives close, same age as me, He likes my clothes, same music and He comes along with my family better than anyone else. Can you understand me if I say I found my soulmate ?

This guy over here ^ Has made my life perfect, He treats me like a princess <3
He bought me roses ( my fav. flowers)
He made me dinner and we ate it in candle light <3 He plays and sings love songs to me, hangs out with me, takes me with his friends, he pauses his video game to text me back(!!!), he takes care of me if I'm ill, He cuddles with me everytime I want to, He shares his darkest secrets with me, He protects me from attackers ( Yes, we had a situation little while ago...) I JUST LOOOOOVE HIM SO MUCH! Okay Love is not enough! He makes me smile when I'm having my worst days, gives me massages and just.... wow... This guy is a keeper! <3 He can cope with all my wierd habits.

We have two cats together: Our boys Lacu and Busca <3


He liked to be alone before I came in.
Look at this cutie paw <3 ; w ;
I dunno what to say, I just love them soooo <3
I do have my Väinö cat too. He is living with my parents ya know. My dad and he get along so good.

 Im ran out of things to tell so there is a pic of me :3

Cya honeybunnies! <3
- Rebella Darkstar~

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