Apr 22, 2015

Updates finally! My past half a year in a nutshell

Heya guys..
Ive been absent for half a year.
That is just upsetting. Ive been really really depressed lately and Ive had no energy or time to be here and update. I love all my readers  and Im sorry of all this time with no updates or posts. I dont even know how to start anymore.

Everything has been great and Ive been up to a lot. Me and AleXander are together and in love.
I love my honey more than anything<3

1. X-mas: was like everyother. Hanging around with my family, eating good, visiting relatives, watching the snowman and of course sauna. AleXander was with my family and I just loved it <3

2. New year: Hanging around with family, watching some fireworks, eating good and having our New year's fortune telling.

3. Easter: I didnt even celebrate. I was mostly pissed cause the stores were not open.

4. My birthday: Celebrated for 3 days :D You only turn 18 once in a life time. First and the real day I was ofc with The Love of my life. We went in a restaurant for and awesome dinner and after that went to see a movie called OUIJA. It was great! <3
Second day I went in a night club with my sister. It was fun, I was drunk as hell, I almost lost my purse.
Third day I was drinking with my sister again, we were driving around (We had a sober driver) and It was fun.

I started driving school and Im almost a happy owner of a drivers license :3
I also started working but I dont get paid almost at all. 2 euros/hour. I think.
I also got a small tattoo on my left arm and Ill post pic of it down below. Also a variety of my make up looks and other creative stuff.

Stay cool my Warriors, Love ya~

~Rebella Darkstar ♡