Jun 22, 2015

Life as it is now

Hey ya guys!

It was mid-summer feast going on here, and it was disappointing because it was really cold and raining almost all the time. I did expect a little bit warmer weather. I was not sure what we we're going to do to celebrate it, but I spent the time with my honey, and family., we went go to see the bonfire,and went to my grandmothers house to eat some strawberries and crepes, and we went to sauna and got wasted. (No just kidding, we drank only one per head. Haha :D)

I've been driving quite a lot lately, and I can feel it in my wallet. I can't believe why gasoline is so fucking expensive. I really like owning a car because now I can move from place to place easily and see my friends more, and I can listen to good music and just relax. And one of the good things is, that we can go shopping like whenever we want to.

We've also been going to this one mega-sale arena pretty much, because it has almost everything I need.
For example AleXander and I bought my mothers birthday present, (flower basket and foot lotion).
And we found a great deal, -40% of all gaming keyboards, and we are actually writing this with it. This is one hell of a good keyboard, it has blacklight, touchpad, wrist rest, silicone button cover, multiple profiles (one for gaming, one for every day use etc.) which can be set by its own cd-installable engine. (Aivia K8100 V2 by GIGABYTE).
And for me, we bought body scrub, and body butter (raspberry & blackberry scented).
And these mind blowing polymer balls, they come in tiny bags, and they cost only 1 €/package. (Mine aren't from the brand "Orbeez")
Once you put these tiny tiny balls in water, they begin to grow, and after about 24 hours they are fully grown about the size of a marble. They come in different colors, and there's also clear ones. AleXander loves the clear ones the most, because when you put them into a clear glass full of water they become invisible! They are used for indoor plants or in crystal flower vases to release moisture. They look extremely pretty!<3
What I use them for is as a decoration and as for therapy (relieving anxiety).
 I place them in warm water and just put my hands in there, you wouldn't believe how pleasing it is!

A Fun Story:

One night when we were cuddling in the bed, with grieving hunger for candy, we got a wonderful idea... Lets go to ABC (24/7 gas station) to get candy. At first we were kidding, since it was, 2.30am.
but then we decided to dress up and hit the road. At first we tried to push the car off the front yard, so the engine starting noise wouldn't wake up my parents, but we weren't able to manage that well. So we just said ''Fuck it, lets just go''. The sun was starting to rise, and it was silent everywhere, like a ghost town, we only saw like 2 or 3 cars while going to get the goodies.
We arrived, and we went straight to the candy idle. After five minutes we paid our bags of candy and left. And it was still dead silent everywhere, we even took the other way home which was bit longer... Still no cars, no pedestrians, but we did see bunnies and a cat. Black cat just ran by our car in the middle of the road, and we all know that is not good... But we are both still alive and well breathing.

I think it's time for us to go to bed now, Its reaaally late. Good night darlings! <3

- Rebella Darkstar  & AleXander The Reaper