Aug 29, 2015

Hauntingly bittersweet

Hey you guys!

I've been getting really powerless. I'm so stressed and mad and I'm driving everyone else round me crazy, and I think I'm catching a cold. I have been sleeping almost all the time after I got out of school yesterday. ( got home, slept, went in my boyfriends place, slept- Today we went for business, slept, went to work, and waiting patiently to go to sleep because I'm so freaking tired.

Friday morning was really hard for me. I have really bad tires and I was so tired. I was scared the whole way to school.
The lunch was just horrible, I couldn't eat. CAFETERIA WAS TOO FULL OF PEOPLE! We had some really crappy tortillas... Like c'mon, like our city had enough funds to do it properly. I did not bother to stand for 30 minutes before I could even see the food.. I just drank some coffee and left.
Otherwise school is being fine, tiring, but fine. My head ached really bad, and my throat felt just.. I don't know how to describe it. Just painful.
I'm still not gonna miss school unless I'm in the condition that I can't drive.

I've got some new friends. Two really awesome women. They're little bit older than me but we are in the same level in our humor and all.
I guess I could say they saved my school. I think without them I might of quit school.

Apartment #2

We went to see another apartment today, IT WAS PERFECT!
And the ones who rented it were really nice. but... They told us couple hours later that they rented the apartment to some one else and once again we have to try to find some place else.
some how it's really hard to find an apartment in here because no one wants to rent any apartment to someone who has pets unless u have a significant amount of money. It's like no one trust us that we can pay IF our cats destroy something ( they never have before)


I've been into Ghost really much lately. They released an new album 21/08 called Meliora.
Every single song just makes me shiver like crazy. I absolutely freaking love them!

Here is a top 10 favorites of mine from the Meliora: (It only has 10 songs :D)
  1. He is
  2. Deus in Absentia
  3. Spirit
  4. Absolution
  5. Cirice
  6. Majesty
  7. From the pinnacle to the pit
  8. Mummy dust
  9. Devil church
  10. Spöksonat

I just love Papa Emeritus' voice ~ so calming and gentle but the lyrics are dark enough for me <3


I somewhat told you already what I did today, up there^
But I want to tell about our workday. I went to work with AleXander. I can't remember that have I ever told you what he does for living (?) He is an personal assistant.
So today there was his boss' daughter's birthday party. we were lucky that almost every guest had left before his shift started. I was just playing with the girl and eating cake. Thats it. I don't know what was so special about that. :P
 I don't know what else to say. I'm gonna go to sleep. Night babes <3


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