Aug 20, 2015

Tick tock,theres a crazy clock

Hello my darlings...
Turned out we didn't get the apartment and that made me really desperate of our situation...
We don't have much money and I still live at my parents and I can't get money from anywhere because my parents have a decent jobs.. Our social care only counts how much they get paid but not how much it really costs to live in a big apartment and all the food for our big family.
I would really like to start training myself to be independent and try to be an adult but... our country won't allow me to do so.. unless I get a job to get some cash, but I can't get a job until I have finished school. I can't finish my school without money... THIS SITUATION IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!

♪  To the sound of the monstrance clock 
Air is cleansed, assembled flock
Black candles burn, all minds aligned

To the sound of the monstrance clock 
Air is cleansed, assembled flock 
Black candles burn, all minds aligned
As the parish sighs in smoke 
Enters the lady revealed of cloak 
To the haunting sound of the monstrance clock 
Come together, together as a one 
Come together for Lucifer’s son
To the sound of the end of day 
Mesmerized, the assembled sway 
Black candles burn, all minds aligned
Hypnotizing horns of ram 
Paralyzing pentagram 
And the eerie sound of the monstrance clock  
Ghost B.C- Monstrance clock

I have some good news from AleXander. He will be going to Children of Bodom / Lamb of God gig in December with his friend :3
I'm not going cause I don't have enough money to go. Yes, I'm a bit jealous but I'm also happy for him.

I've been in School :o

I'm actually at school right now, and we have having a some soft of class I have no idea what we are exactly doing. Computer stuff. :P
I have some friends in here and my class is fine, no one bullies anyone and everybody mostly minds at their own business, in a good way. I don't mean that anyone is being ignorant.
Anyway I really have to concentrate on studying right now so I'll blog ya later.

- Rebella Nana

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