Dec 8, 2015

I have grown up

Heya guys.

I just realized that I have grown up. I will start to work in january hopefully. It all depends on the schools side. I would have a place, but if my studies will start to go down, I would have to stop working. Education is more important, but with out my paycheck we can't move anywhere with my love.. and that is something I seriously want to do because there would be way too long way to school and job If I keep living there where I do live now. School is already one city over and my job is going to be 2 citys over. I can't afford fuel if I can't get an apartment nearer by. I am on my way to adulthood.

Even school has been going a bit better now, I have showed up in time, even tho I am still sick. I had to move my waking up time by 30 minutes earlier to get here in time, but its not such a big sacrifice. Biggest problem on it is that I almost fall asleep while driving. But when I get used to this I'm sure it will start to go easier and better, without the risk of losing concentration. I am at school now, and I feel fine. Medication has been working properlyI assume, I don't get the mood swings I used to and I don't feel so down all the time. I even cleaned the house a bit and have made dinner a couple of times. Those skills are truely need on living independently. I dont wanna live in a pile of garbage or starve myself because I am incapable of making dinners for myself..

We start a new class today so I gotta go. See ya babes!
-Rebella Darkstar

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