Jan 23, 2016


Hey! I thought I'd tell you a problem of mine that started about couple days ago.

I don't know why.. but nowadays I can't sleep at nights. My boyfriend works only night shifts so I am home alone at night. Everytime I go to sleep, My mind starts to play tricks on me or I start to panic with no reason. I am ridiculously tired and I take my sleeping pills but everytime I'm about to fall asleep, I jump awake with my heart racing,feeling like a steamtrain in my chest. I usually wear blindfolds at night so different kinds of lights wouldn't bother me, and to keep myself from staring at random objects. If I try to wear them now, I freak out because I can not see around me.. I have no legit reason for this, but it's really really messing up my life. I have no idea how to fix it, and I am not sure should I see a doctor about this. I have tried to sleep with a nightlight on, because I thought I might be subconsciously afraid of the dark. I always find myself tense and unable to relax at nights. What the heck I am supposed to do..?

-Sleepless Rebella Darkstar

Jan 20, 2016

Blog reforming

Hey'a babes! I was thinking the other day that I should do some developing to my blog a bit. I'm thinking about some vlogging, and doing some OOTD's and MOTD's, and I will get some help by my big brother Elmo! <3 He will help me shoot some "fashion" pictures. Also I thought I will start writing in both languages ( English and Finnish) because I have readers who don't know the other language. So many many new things going on. My biggest change in here will probably be that I start to take blogging way way way more seriously. Hopefully try to apply this in my weekly routine, and/ or find the time to spend more time in here. (and that might probably be arranged.) I don't know how long it will take to do all the changes but I try to do my best and I will try to do it as fast as possible. I have a lot of things going on right now. There is school, possible work, keeping the house clean, and cooking etc, and there's couple of projects I'm in. ( one of them includes makeup!! <3)

If you ask how is it going with me and AleXander now that we live together and I have to say I could not wish for a better start. We both try our best to understand eachother, and we have not argued at all. only tiny tiny normal things, don't worry its not too perfect to send me in a land of fairytales. Ofc, I am stressing like crazy but I am pretty sure that it is normal. Atleast in my situation.

There is all I gotta say right now so I'll just add couple of random pictures here and I will head off to sleep.
-Rebella Darkenstar

Jan 1, 2016

New year /New life

Hey my lovelies! And happy new year! 2016!

My year will start with me moving together with my love AleXander! Omg, yay. I am exited and scared at the same time. My room is still not ready and not packed completely.. oh god. I will move tomorrow. O.o
And I just realized that we dont have any plates or utensils. (Oops) Well. There is time and I most likely will get some stuff from my family and friends. My grandmothers have already some things for us!

Oh and christmas was also great! I got only stuff that we need for real. Nothing that we wouldnt have a usage for.

So I'll post a longer update whenever I get the time to. LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR 2015! ♡