Jan 1, 2016

New year /New life

Hey my lovelies! And happy new year! 2016!

My year will start with me moving together with my love AleXander! Omg, yay. I am exited and scared at the same time. My room is still not ready and not packed completely.. oh god. I will move tomorrow. O.o
And I just realized that we dont have any plates or utensils. (Oops) Well. There is time and I most likely will get some stuff from my family and friends. My grandmothers have already some things for us!

Oh and christmas was also great! I got only stuff that we need for real. Nothing that we wouldnt have a usage for.

So I'll post a longer update whenever I get the time to. LOVE YOU ALL AND THANK YOU FOR 2015! ♡


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