Jan 23, 2016


Hey! I thought I'd tell you a problem of mine that started about couple days ago.

I don't know why.. but nowadays I can't sleep at nights. My boyfriend works only night shifts so I am home alone at night. Everytime I go to sleep, My mind starts to play tricks on me or I start to panic with no reason. I am ridiculously tired and I take my sleeping pills but everytime I'm about to fall asleep, I jump awake with my heart racing,feeling like a steamtrain in my chest. I usually wear blindfolds at night so different kinds of lights wouldn't bother me, and to keep myself from staring at random objects. If I try to wear them now, I freak out because I can not see around me.. I have no legit reason for this, but it's really really messing up my life. I have no idea how to fix it, and I am not sure should I see a doctor about this. I have tried to sleep with a nightlight on, because I thought I might be subconsciously afraid of the dark. I always find myself tense and unable to relax at nights. What the heck I am supposed to do..?

-Sleepless Rebella Darkstar

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