Oct 27, 2016

World analyzing

Hey there!
I wanted to share something I just realized. And this hit me kind of hard.
Us humans have killed our instincts. We don't get "wild" anymore. We do what our brainwashed minds tells us. We do not listen to our hearts anymore. This world is going towards a meltdown. Just like us humans. What most people seem to ignore is that we are animals too. The only thing that separates us from wild animals is our ability to communicate. With communication we have built everything we have today. We try our hardest to be "happy" and what we think happiness is, is the thing media has told us. I don't believe in that shit. I think as smart animals as we are, that we have a right to decide what makes us happy. And I'm not supporting anything violent or anything against our moral standards. Men kill men every single day. Veterans have been pushed to the streets, homeless. We don't seem to appreciate anything anymore. That saddens me.  My point is not that our world is completely ruined. There is much goodness left in our world. If we would start to appreciate it more, we could be happier in life. We need to understand that massproducting humanbeings is not the way to go. We are all unique. I found my soulmate who is just like me, but even we are not clones of each other. We still like different things and we respect each other. We respect the other person and his/her interests. We compliment each other, we fufill eachother.

My mind has opened, I do not believe that our world is doomed. It is not. But that is up to us. I know world war is near. Its only matter of time. Until then, we should live our lives the fullest. We are not supposed to just take the shit. We can always fight for a better life. I know its achieveable. We just need to believe in ourselves. You, who ever you are reading this now. You're perfect the way you are if you want to be like you are. Do anything that makes you happy and stop listening to haters. Always listen to the ones you love, even tho they might be wrong. You're not supposed to do as anyone says. But be respectful that they even care and try to tell their opinion. Remember to listen, and respect. Also remember that you're worth more than you think. You can reach the stars if you work enough and work for yourself. Live your dream, but don't do it for anyone else.

I think this is enough for a one post- I'll give you a selfie just to make you feel happier :3

-Rebella Darkstar

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