Nov 4, 2016

Too good to be true?

I'm pissed. Not like I would want to punch someone. I'm outraged and I wan't to scream to the whole world now. I've had it. I'm so done..

People in my life cannot appreciate that I'm finally learning who I truly am and what makes me truly happy. No one seems to care what I want or how I feel! Everyone just keeps telling me what I should do, what I should want and what I am supposed to be like! AND I'M SICK OF IT! No one else can tell me who I am supposed to love. No one can say who is wrong and who is Mr. Right.
Please understand I found the man of my dreams, not yours.

Some of you keep being bitter. Because I found someone I love! Some of you think it's unfair that I actually can have a person beside me. Someone who I really think I will marry someday. Why does that make some people so bitter? Cause I didn't want to lose my life being together with someone who was not right for me? Should of I be stuck with someone who clearly didn't love me, and someone I did not love? Would of it been fair to him to stay? Blocking him from finding love for himself... I don't honestly think that you have the right to tell me I'm wrong.

I'm starting to calm down. here is my message to the whole world. I'm not giving up, I'm no't living your way. I will follow MY heart and MY dreams. I'm not going to live anyone else's life. And you're not living my life for me. You're not taking me down and I will never stop fighting.

Honestly speaking. My ex tries to make my life a living hell. One thing he does not realize is that he will never succeed, no matter how many people are in his army against me. I will never stand back, He can't reach to me anymore. I kicked him out of my head and burned him out of my skin.
So feel free to try, It cannot happen. :)
Also My Boyfriend says hi!

-Rebella Darkstar