Jan 24, 2017

What I learned in the makeup lesson!


I thought I'd share some makeup tips I learned (or mostly verified) by a professional in a Beauty Academy makeup lesson. Here is some information that will be useful for someone who is just starting or there might be some details you didn't already know. It was a small course of  basic makeup skills. Nothing was really new to me but it was nice to get a diploma and verify my knowledge as real. Also it was really fun to try something new!

πŸ‘‡So here are some tips!
  • Good makeup brushes are important! A good brush can make even a not-so-perfect product look much better! A bad brush can make your super amazing product look like a real mess. 
  • Always clean your face before applying makeup. The oils on your skin might make the makeup runny or cakey.
  • Using a good makeup base cream can be really helpful on getting the full effect from your foundation. 
  • Remember, always keep the mirror parallel to your face to get the best result.

This demo-make up is by: Ritva Aalto
Clean face of our lovely model Heli
Makeup done by Ritva Aalto

☺Base makeup:

  • Concealer should be applied after foundation, because the foundation might cover up more than you actually think.
  • Every cream should be applied from the back of your hand. This makes the cream warm up a bit and become smoother and easier to apply.
  • The right spot to test a proper foundation is not on your arm. It actually is the best to test on your jawline. 
  • You should have 2 different shades of foundation in a year. Darker one for the summer and lighter one for the winter. In spring or fall, you will find the perfect shade by mixing these two.
  • If youre wearing a low neck shirt you should apply the foundation as far as it goes, and dont forget to blend as you go down. Also if youre having yoir hair up or you have short hair, you should apply the foundation on your ears aswell.
  • Powder should be applied with a "sponge" or with a brush. Sponge gives you more coverage, brush makes the power look more natural. If you apply powder with a brush, swirling movement is the best.
  • Use a translucent powder if you only need to set your makeup, use a greenish tint powder if you want to take away redness.
  • Contouring and higlighting should always be applied for your face, not straight from a chart. Learn what shape your face is and then use contouring and higlighting to bring out your best features. Example. If you already have a skinny nose, nose contouring can make yoir nose look non-existant and look funny.
  • Heart/Diamond shaped face are the easiest to contour.

Base makeup by Ritva

Base makeup by me.
  • The shape of your brows should be like a birds wing. Thick first and narrowing towards the end. 
  • Natural brows should be colored, not drawn.
  • The highest point of your brow should be easy to check. Take a pen or something similar and place it in an angle,  from the tip of your nose, over your iris. to the brow bone. (This sounds harder than it is, and it is really hard to explain.)
  • For the most natural brows, choose a shade lighter or  a shade darker from your hair color.
Brows by me

  • Apply eyeshadow upwards from the outer corners of your eyes so they wont become sad and droopy looking.
  • Light base color (from the same color group you choose for your eyeshadow) is very helpful what comes to blending.
  • Eyeshadow can be applied quite generously, dont be shy with it.
  • Learn what shape of eyes you have and use an eyeliner shape best suited for your eyes, but be sure to play with it sometimes, you might be surprised.
  • Apply the first coat of mascara using a zig-zag motion to bring volume, and the second coat in an upwards motion to bring length and curve.
  •  If you are wondering if your mascara is dry or not the best trick is to listen if you can hear a "smooch" sound when you pull the wand out of the tube. If you hear it then your mascara is fresh, if not your mascara should be thrown out.
  • If you have a pinkeye, and use yoir mascara you should seriously get a new tube, otherwise the pinkeye will stay.
  • Never lend your mascara to anyone!

  • You should use a lipliner under your lipstick to make your lipcolor last longer, be more opaque and this prevents the lipstick from running on the tiny "wrinkles" around your lip.
  • You can just line your lips with a lipliner or fill them in. Lining prevents the running, and filling makes the color last longer.
  • Lipliner does not need to be 100% color matched. Using different shades can make your lipstick be much more dimentional.
  • Remember to blot your lipstick. Blotting means that after applying, you gently press your lips on a papertowel. After this feel free to apply a second coat of lipstick if needed. 


Here are the best tips I can give in general. Always remember to have fun with your makeup and be creative! There is no actual rules in makeup but these are more like guidelines. If you have anything to ask, leave it in the comments and I will answer as well as I can πŸ’•

I love yall! and I'll blog you later πŸ’œπŸ’‹πŸ’€

 -Rebella Nana Darkstar~

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