Sep 5, 2017

My Entire Summer|| pt.1|| First tattoo from a shop!

Hello there and welcome to the first part of my new post mini-series: My Entire Summer.
The name of this is a pretty self explanatory.
This is a 5 part serie with all the most exciting things that happened this summer. Share my experience on the most exciting summer of my life. Atleast yet!

This first part is about my first tattoo shop experience. It all started when I got a gift card to a tattooshop from My boyfriend as a 20th birthday gift.  I was not sure if I wanted to cover up one of my 2 older messed up tattoos, or get a new one. I saved up my birthday money so I could afford the rest of the tattoo. Then it hit me. I will get the tattoo I dreamed of since I was a child. Picture of a chao. And this time I wanted this tattoo to be my first colored one.

What is a Chao?
Chao is a cute, little, blue, babylike character in some games of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Chaos are babylike, petlike creatures living in place called Chao garden. Chaos have different personalities and all kinds of different cute and interesting things. You can make them look like cute little animals! You can give them drives to level them up for karate and racing ( more like adventure triathlon/running competition). Its loads of fun!
I suggest you to watch this video for a basic explanation of Chaos in Sonic Adventure battle 2:

Why I wanted to have a tattoo of Chao?
First of all Sonic Adventure Battle 2 was my absolute favourite game in my entire childhood. There was my favourite characters since I was (and am) a Sonic fan. There was adventure, a good story, and (my favourite part) the chao garden. I used so much time taking care of the Chaos, I loved them like my own babies.

The second reason why I chose exactly this chao as my tattoo, is the look of it. This is the coloring of a newborn chao. Newborn Chaos have no personality yet so they can still change into anything. It reminds me that I'm always able to change the way of my life. I can still be everything I want. I still have time to explore and find myself.

The last reason is the cuteness. That is adorable. This looks awesome on my skin, It fits my style. I love it!

The tattoo shop:
I went to a pretty well known tattoo & piercing shop called Putka, here in Tampere.
I wanted to go here because this was the same shop I took my tongue piercing when I was 15. Aldo the giftcard my boyfriend gave me was specifically there.

I was really nervous about wether or not its gonna hurt. I've heard tales about that coloring hurts like a bi*ch. I took a painkiller before I went in. I got an semi new tattoo artist who had worked about 3 years. It was okay with me since this was not a complicated picture. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to tell his name here or not. All glory to him from doing this.

It actually did hurt quite a bit. I was silently moaning the pain and occasionally it got so bad I had to bite my lip, not to scream. He tried to be as gentle as he could. I tried to have an akward small talk with him, but that didn't really seem to care. It was bleeding a bit but I loved it the second I saw it. Childhood dream came true! I was and still am proud of this. Healing went allright, about in a moth this was completely healed. It still itches time to time but I'm fine with that.

Okay so this was my experience getting my firts colored tattoo. Thank you for reading and sharing this with me. Next part of this series will be about my 2 trips to Särkäniemi amusement park.

Have a great day, Love you!

-Rebella Nana Darkstar

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