Sep 6, 2017

My Entire Summer|| pt.2 || Amusement park

Hey you!

Särkäniemi has been mention here in my blog before. Thats because this is the only amusement park I've ever been in to. Also I live like really close to it so no traveling needed. The only problem why I don't go there that often is the price of the tickets. Theyre one of the most expensive in Finland alltogether. Every year the prices get higher, but I want to go there atleast once a summer cause the place is amazing.

The first opportunity came in very early summer or very late spring time when Särkäniemi did their annual VTS-day. Everyone who rents an apartment are able to go to Särkäniemi 3 hours before it opens, a lot cheaper. Tickets include all the family members and there are a bit more costing tickets for friends. Its still very much cheaper to be there for the 3 hours. You can also buy a ticket to the rest of the day for somewhat cheaper. So its a pretty good deal.

There was me, My fiance Samuli, My sister Suvi and her boyfriend.
I love us 4 as group.  Our men just roll their eyes at me and Suvi for being sometimes total idiots. We have always so much fun. The weather was kind of cold but that I knew before hand. This time we went all of our favourite rides, but the newest rollercoaster called Hype, was not yet opened.

We checked out the aquarium and I just adore that place. There all allkinds of fun sea creatures and pretty awesome effects.  There used to be a building called Delfinarium. It was a show about and with actual Dolphins. Allkinds of tricks and some information. I got a pet one of the dophins when I was a kid. The show was open for many many years. But this year There wasn't. Activists started to think that its not right for the Dolphins to live that way. So the dolphins were sent to somewhere else. Unfortunately I have heard that atleast one of the four dolphins has passed away, because of the moving.
We didn't check the planetarium yet this time.

I burned myself but everybody had a plast. Everyone got dizzy at somepoint, rides are still awesome, good food and lots of giggling.

The second opportunity for  us to was when my sister thought that the new rollercoasted had to be tested. Hype is a freakishly fast and huge rollercoaster. I'll put a video of it right below.
I love it. The first 2 seats give you real fear of death. This is seriously number one with Särkäniemis most famous ride the Tornado.

This time we were there two days in a row, because we got the second day free with some app sale thing they have with VR. We went trough the same awesome rides, got some good food, pretty allrigh weather. This time we checked out the planetarium. It was really different that I remembered. Still facinating story about the solarsystem and planets. Also there is a ton of Pokestops everywhere. We all play Pokemon Go, so this was perfect.

They also have the old pettingzoo. Nowadays they have changed it to a place called Koiramäki. Based on children storybooks written by Mauri Kunnas. Very loveable characters and lots of cute animals. Every summer there are different kind of animal babies. Pony rides, cute shops and restaurants, shows for kids. Beautiful place and they even have activieties in the winter time when there are not animals around.

If you have the time and money to go I highly suggest seeing this place. Fun for the whole family.
I really love it as an excperience and might be going again to their Halloween festival. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day! Love ya!

-Rebella Nana Darkstar

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