Sep 7, 2017

My Entire Summer|| pt.3|| Miljoona rock

This third part is about the one day festival I told you about couple posts back.
Heres how it went!

Our first problem was the ride there. I was not really wanting to drive there myself, but in the end I think it was the best way to go. Because I was still scared to drive there, we left the night before. This way I could fully concentrate on the road and getting us where we needed to be without needing to worry too much about the others and traffic. It was actually pretty easy drive. I would totally go again.

So because we left the night before, literally. We thought we would sleep some inside my car on the parking lot. We tried for couple of hours but both of us were too exited to get any sleep. When the shop opened, we grabbed couple cups of coffee and started shopping.

I actually bought myself some makeup, and even some pieces of clothing. My sister found some clothes for her aswell.

The food there is incredible. One of the best fast food burger I've ever had. It was affordable and tasted awesome. I also love the architecture and other decorations. It's also a hotel so no wonder why.
We played pokemon, run from place to place, cheked things out, had silly conversations all that jazz.

The gig:
Weather was sort of rainy, not too warm. This time we were able to leave the area. That was great got I got really tired trough out the day. We had fun listening Petri Nygård. His lyrics are dirty, but you have to take them with humour. We even met our boss there. She was not looking happy and we didn't see her after that. We danced and sang along.

After this was the turn of Klamydia. They had pretty freaking cool stage performance. I love that band anyway so. They have their own kind of punk and they even got me emotional. I cried during their song "Rakas Hullu". Its a touching song for their friend who passed away. I'm not sure what made me cry during that song, was I just tired or did I feel the song differently live, or a combination of both. That may be a mystery forever.

Now was time to listen to Kolmas Nainen. Actually we were not there to listen to any of it. They have couple of okay songs but I'm not really into that band. So we decided to get some rest and chill time.

We came back to the area when Eppu Normaali was about in the middle of their playlist. They also have somewhat humourous music about us finns. We sang along and danced a bit. Waiting and waiting for HIM.

When HIMs turn started to get closer the place was really crowded. Me and my sister were in a 3 row, since people kept pushing us. There was a very drunken couple right behind us. They both wer tall and on the larger size. They kept pushing us with quite a lot of force the entire opening of HIM.

HIM played beautifully! I freaked out completely, I bursted in tears, I nearly passed out many times. I was hysterical. Suvi had to leave the front because the loudness of the speakers were too high. I stayed as long as I could. At this point I was ridiculously tired, and my feet were more sore than ever before. After a while I decided to go away from the front rows and join my sister to the side. I still kep hysterically crying. And people told me to get some treatment. I guess they haven't ever loved any band as much as I do. I didn't really care. I loved it.

After the gig was over and I had calmed myself down. We went to my car, packed our things and I made a dumb decision. I had been up over 40 hours and I still decided to drive us home. It was night time and we waited for the most people to go first so there would not be much traffic anymore. We ate some and had lot of caffeine. We made a deal that if I start to feel too tired to drive, we will stop and sleep in the car. Everything went well, I didn't feel too tired. We got home safe and both of us were a bit sore after all this. Yet, I loved everything.

My thoughts in nutshell:
I'm glad I did it and drove myself.
Food was good.
I had a ton of fun.
Artist were good.
Pricing in the actual viewing area was a bit too much for the quality.
I liked the fact that this time we were able to leave the area.
Shopping there is always great.

This was one of the highlights of my summer! Thank you for sharing this with me. Love you all!

-Rebella Nana Darkstar

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