Make Up Of The Day 21/03/16

This time, you guys get to see.. THE FIRST VIDEO I'VE EVER EDITED!
Sorry I'm just too too exited that I finally did it.

*Foundation: Giordani Gold -in shade: Light

*Powder: The One -in shade: Porcelain

*Brows: Non.u - in shade: BlackBrown

Brow mascara: Maybelline Browdrama - shade: transparent

*EyeshadowStargazer- in shade: Neon red / 180 pallette - in shade: red

*Eyeliners:  Oriflame The One - in shade: Black

*Mascara: Oriflame The One - in shade: Black

*Pikasuomennokset teille rakkaille:
  • Shade = Sävy
  • Foundation= Meikkivoide
  • Powder= Puuteri
  • Brows= Kulmat
  • Eyeshadow= Luomiväri
  • Highlighter= Korostus väri
  • Eyeliner= Silmän rajaus
  • Mascara= Ripsiväri
  • Lipstick= Huulipuna
  • Black= Musta
  • Transparent= Läpinäkyvä
  • Chocolate= Suklaa
  • Silver= Hopea

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